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10kw Solar System Australia

10kw Solar System Australia

In case you are thinking about buying a 10kW solar system australia, you apparently have a significant roof and a lot more prominent force bill!

A 10kW solar system is comparatively enormous as private solar systems get, fundamentally.

How many solar panels will you need?

To make up a 10kW solar system you truly needed 27 solar sheets, expecting that you use 370W sheets – that will give you 9.99kW.

Each board will be around 1.8m x 1m, so you’ll require essentially 48.6m2 of housetop space.


10kw Solar System Australia

How much a 10kW solar system WILL generate electricity ?

A 10kW solar system will make around 40kWh every day generally. This is adequate to run 2-3 ordinary Australian families or one genuinely inefficient family!

To put it in setting, 40kWh every day assurance:

Approx 2x ducted aircon systems on a hot day.

Then again

4 little pool guides for 10 hours out of every day.

Of course

40 x 5 star energy evaluated coolers with the cooler on top or under (not one close to the next; those suckers use essentially more energy).

Is a 10kW solar system right for you?

10kW solar systems are on the colossal side for private foundations (where 5kW to 6.6kW is considerably more regular). So as referred to above, 10kW systems will overall be by and large legitimate for homes with basic proportions of daytime power use (or associations with around 40kWh of daytime use). They may similarly be a nice size choice for homes who have low force use and need to go off-network (see: “Would I have the option to go off-grid with a 10kW solar system?”)

The table under should consider you in regards to whether a 10kW system may be fitting to your necessities – on the other hand if a prevalent system size might be an unrivaled match. We recommend that you self-eat up basically 30% of the solar energy that your system produces.

What is the return for a 10kW Solar System Australia?

These days solar feed-in tax reductions are a discretionary benefit from having a solar system presented. Taking everything into account, you’ll surmise the most worth out of your self-delivered solar energy by ‘self-eating up’ it – using whatever amount of energy as could be anticipated clearly. Since solar feed-in obligation rates are generally lower than what you’ll pay for energy from the grid, the more solar energy you use yourself, the more you’ll save; meanwhile, the wealth solar will stream into the organize and acquire you credits which help to decrease your overall bill.

How Much 10kW SOLAR SYSTEM Australia COST?

Our 10kW systems vary in cost dependent upon which Package you choose to go for. The groups range from our SaverPack (monetary arrangement pleasing) right to the PlatinumPack (which is the top level). For your reference we have recorded under the start from cost on our 10kW SaverPack.

*The cost displayed for Melbourne is in the wake of including the Solar Victoria Rebate of $1400 for additional information compassionately visit www.solar.vic.gov.au


All current PV Systems would now have the option to have Battery Storage Systems presented, due to the introduction of AC Coupling. This grants you to catch a battery upto any property as it relates straightforwardly to the basic power supply.

On the off chance that you were expecting to add our Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Storage Option to the 10kW Solar system pack; this would allow you to use the power of the Sun in the continually.

Regardless, do recollect that Battery support decisions are truly expensive and will overall basically fabricate your back period. As such before you decide to make the jump address us and we will happily incite in the event that this is would be the best decision for you.



Adelaide $10,275
Melbourne $10,377



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