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S-5! Offers Installer Training in Rail-Less Solar Rooftop Attachment Solutions


S-5!, the world’s leading master on metal rooftop attachment solutions, offers solar installer training on direct-attach™ solar mounting methods, specifically customized for installers in Australia and New Zealand markets.

Dustin Haddock, VP of research and progression for S-5! also, incessant presenter with Australia’s Smart Energy Council will take a through and through look at the options accessible for fixing solar photovoltaics (PV) to various metal rooftop types in Rail-less Revolution: S-5! Solar Installer Training scheduled for Thursday, May 27 at 9.00 a.m. (AEST).

From one side of the planet to the other, solar installers experience no restriction to frustration when installing solar on metal roofs, facing a commonplace set of challenges. S-5-PVKIT 2.0 provides an innovative solar mounting solution to these challenges. Its pre-assembled components engage solar installers to manage attach™ PV modules to a metal rooftop. An insignificant bit of the size and weight of customary rails, the PVKIT removes the headaches associated with storing, transporting and cutting rails, reducing stir time and speeding up installations by 35% or more. With the PVKIT, installers avoid the necessity for a forklift onsite and expect being prepared to pass on 5kW of mounting gear up to the rooftop in a single container.

This course unpacks metal rooftop solar installations covering Klip-Lok, Trimdek, collapsed iron and other metal rooftop types, and their advantages for PV. Link the board techniques are presented in detail, alongside earthing and other best practices and “how-to’s” for installing rail-less solar systems on metal roofs. Also, methods for installing various accessories from microinverters to homers are discussed.

S-5! recently duplicated its distribution direct in Australia and New Zealand, driven by nearby market improvement in both solar and HVAC markets. S-5! perceived an opening keeping watch and the opportunity to scale within the Australia and New Zealand metal roofing, solar and HVAC industries.

Business and residential owners are realizing the benefits of metal roofing (long stretch service life and low maintenance) and understand the ease and cost benefits of metal roofing as a stage to mount solar PV, as well as other essential rooftop stuff and assistant mechanicals.

A demonstrated innovation, S-5! warrants their goods for the existence of the rooftop and has an overall game plan of more than 3.5 gigawatts of metal-rooftop solar arrays. S-5! products can be found on some of the world’s astounding buildings, such as the corporate headquarters for Apple, Google, IBM, NATO and NREL. S-5’s! installations also include five Costco stores in Australia.

With inventory at present supportively held in-district through its Melbourne and New Zealand based warehouses, S-5! has established distribution partnerships with Solar Partners NZ, Tradezone and RFI Technology Solutions, as well as existing wholesalers MAK Fastener Specialists, Pty Ltd and Rapid Systems Solutions (RSS), asserted by No. 1 Roofing and Building Supplies.

“Rail-less systems are the strategy for things to come and will adjust the way rooftop ancillaries are installed in APAC,” said Bernie Dombroski, managing overseer of Solar Partners NZ. “Railed systems will always have their place and will not disappear; the S-5! rail-less insurgency is simply a changing of the guardian.”

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